Measuring IPTV QOS Quality of Service

IPTV QOS is Become a confusing issue for many companies, let us clear up this. Quality of Service something often makes people considers using measurement methods that are pre-existing. Where the majority of the confusion is created this starting point for QOS dimension is. The identical way that when companies started moving from Analogue the engineers’ tendency was to wish to gauge the electronic signal by then using their equipment and converting it back. IPTV QOS has caused lots of the methodology and engineers using a history want to quantify statistics. The prior network engineers can happily take their measurements from the present network infrastructure, but find no sense for what packets on the network link to what video signals. The video men and women wish to convert the IPTV signal back into its digital video format converting it from IP to Video, which misses the point that you are actually finding out is how well the switching apparatus works a bit of test see more equipment will not be comparable to how a STB set top box would decode the signal. You have two approaches to the issue – neither of which is ideal.

Now, There is a place for existing test equipment network test equipment is wonderful for data traffic as it always was, and Transport Stream digital video analyzers are great at your Head-End where the movie content originates so as to confirm the movie into your IP network was great, so it is not time to throw it off, it is simply not the perfect tool for IPTV QOS. With those comments from how we can proceed it is tough to move when you have one foot on your previous mindset. Depending On who you are, you may well be concerned with only 1 part of an IPTV system or the whole system, so we will split it in the core issue and what that means at every place in the community we will assign the system 4 test points: 1 Head End 2 Core Network 3 Network Edge 4 Client Home. Head End.

This If you are responsible for providing creating, or getting video might concern you. A Head End can include anything from professional video encoders into VOD Servers Video on Demand, and might be in one of several video formats, compression types, bitrates etc they are Uncast or Multicast, UDP, RTP or a proprietary mechanism as in the example of MSTV. Whatever The circumstance, it is a fantastic idea to take action to ensure the video encoding apparatus are reliable and that the Head End is strong. Everybody affects down the line.