Transactions with Bitcoin – how to anonymously transfer coins

Every day more and more people in the world begin to use cryptocurrencies, and in particular bitcoins. Cryptocurrencies arelike a gold rush. But don’t think that transactions with bitcoins are completely anonymous. To stay anonymous, use the

Is Bitcoin really anonymous?

Anonymity of bitcoins means the fact that all transactions are tied exclusively to your wallet, to which neither your bank card nor your personal data are linked.


However, you should not be deceived about complete anonymitybecause in case of the withdrawal of a cryptocurrency or the purchase of something with home delivery, you will have to specify your personal data (at least, your name). If you remember that all transaction data is in the public domain (available to any Bitcoin user), it turns out that there is no anonymity at all.

But is it worth worrying about it? In fact, most users of this network should not worry about revealing their identity, but there are cases.

For example, you received payment in bitcoins for work under a certain alias. Now you want to cash out your money, but without using certain mixers you will declassify your identity. That’s why you should use so-calledmixers, which allow you to mix and make the connection between your personal information and nickname simply impossible.

One of such mixer is It guarantees the following:

  • 100% anonymity for your transactions
  • The lowest service fee
  • Intuitive website
  • Support in multiple languages
  • The Letter of Guarantee
  • Mixing strength meter